Howdy Folks! 

I am Moe T Vader, SASS #104114, and I will be taking you through your new shooters introduction on behalf of the The Cowboys!

First and foremost let me welcome you to the most fun you can have with your boots on!

It doesn’t matter if you have been shooting since you were knee high to a grasshopper or this is your first time around firearms, I will make sure you are safe and comfortable with the process before you leave the range. The shooting is pretty simple, it is everything else that can be a challenging. 

For your first time you will be shadowing me during the entire match. We will meet at 8:00 am and I will give you a quick talk through of what to expect. After that you will stay with me to observe and digest what is going on around you. This is also at no cost to you. 

When you decide to come back, I will run you through our new shooter clinic at the beginning of the next match. The first portion of the morning you will receive specialized instruction and in depth training on the safety points of the match. After I finish your training we will do a shoot-through where you can observe the process again. I will shoot while you shadow once again and learn the finer points. 

At the end of the match I will take you to a line and let you safely load, fire and unload the guns under my supervision.

After we do a check out and you display the appropriate safety requirements, we will grab you some gear and guns and it will be time for your first match! 


Q. Can I shoot if I don’t have guns/ammo, equipment, leather?

A. Absolutely! In fact we encourage you NOT to buy guns/leather/gear etc. until you have borrowed LOTS of different kinds of equipment. 

Q. How much does it cost? 

            A. The first observation is free.  The second time is $25 to cover the range fee and the ammunition we have you shoot.  The third time with a full match shoot is $35 plus the current cost of ammunition for 120 rifle/pistol rounds and a box of shotgun shells.  We can discuss that cost as we get closer to your first shoot! (as of April 2021, it's approximately $55-60 at cost)

Q. Do I have to be a SASS or a Cowboys club member?

A. No, but we definitely encourage it! 

Q. What category do I shoot in?

            A. If you choose to participate in our New Shooter category you will be able to shoot with cowpokes of less than one year involved. That means for 365 days from your first match you will be in an experience based category. If you progress sooner and want to jump into the regular categories, by all means you are welcome to do so. 

Let’s get this party started!  Contact me today at!


If you are interested in learning to shoot Cowboy Action, please email our new shooter rep Moe T. Vator at for more information and to work out a plan to get you into this great sport!!!

And before you do come out, watch this.....everything you need to know to get excited and started in SASS!!!