Sign up NOW for the 2021 Ghosts of the GFBTJL!!

The Cowboys:  Ghosts of the Gunfight Behind the Jersey Lilly 

Friday, October 29th thru Sunday, October 31st, 2021

at Rahaugge’s Shooting Range, Norco, CA.


SASS Rules Apply

Total Time Scoring


Ten Fun and Memorable Main Match Stages – 5 on Saturday, 5 on Sunday

Match is limited to 110 participants only!  Come and try some new and fun side activities!  

Costume contest during the shoot & Saturday night…Halloween or Cowboy!  

The Haunted Jersey Lilly open for business F/Sat night!  Sat Informal Tri-tip dinner, live performances, social activities, and Trick or Treating at the Lilly!

DRY camping $25/night        Top M/F buckles (SASS members only)       Top 3 in class awards


Checks to: The Cowboys

Mail payment & entry asap to:

The Cowboys

PO Box 804

Garden Grove, CA 92842


you can pay by paypal at 


Venmo @David-Elkins-19 and THEN email a copy or picture of entry form to Razorback.


INCLUDED 2.5 days of fun and fellowship (Friday evening 10/29 thru Sunday 10/31)

INCLUDED 10 fun and fast stages...5 each day to keep you sharp! The match is already written (rough draft) and is MODERN AND FUN but just different enough to make it interesting and enjoyable. Shoot fast, shoot clean, shoot fun....we have something in this match for everyone!

FREE 5 side matches where everyone who participates is entered into the gun drawing. Side matches will be old school, require ONLY your regular match guns and ammo (16 R/P and 8 SG TOTAL), everyone plays, everyone wins (Kill the Snakes, Team Shoot, Barney Bullet, Heaven and Hell, and Brasser's Challenge!). You get to try each of the 5 side match stages ONCE for FREE and you get a ticket for a gun drawing for each one you try!

FREE (Sponsored by Hot Sauce) Black light, Glow in the Dark, Haunted Hideout Black Powder night shoot on Friday night.

FREE Welcome reception in and around the Jersey Lilly on Friday night after the night shoot. Come and join us in the Lilly or around the firepit for conversation, hydration, and libations!

FREE Red Ryder BB Gun challenge on Saturday after dinner.

FREE Quick and the Dead “This town ain’t big enough for the two of us” airsoft gunfight challenge on Saturday night. An ACTUAL Gunfight behind the Jersey Lilly AFTER all firearms are put away and the safety flag is flying. (ORANGE-TIPPED STEEL CO2 COLT CLONES SHOOTING PLASTIC 6MM BALLS. MANDATORY PROVIDED CLEAR FACE SHIELDS AND STRINGENT SAFETY RULES IN EFFECT IF YOU CHOOSE TO PARTICIPATE.)

FREE Real Firepit with real western guitar players each night. FREE libations in the Jersey Lilly at the close of each day’s shooting.

FREE Cowboy, Halloween, and Soiled Dove Contest on Saturday during the match and at the Jersey Lilly that evening.

INCLUDED Tri-tip and chicken dinner/potluck party on Saturday night. INCLUDED Homemade tacos and all the fixin’s for lunch on Sunday.

FREE chance to win the Ricochet Roy Spirit of the Game buckle award for the best on-site example of the SOG.

INCLUDED SASS overall buckle for top male and top female.

FREE Chance to win SASS gift certificates

INCLUDED Up to 5 chances to win at least one BRAND NEW FIREARM INCLUDED Dang it award for those with a clean match but for the ONE miss...

INCLUDED Top three in each category take home an award!